A brand is special. It should have a personality. What makes your brand different from others?

Here at Lit, we work hard to understand your business as if we worked their ourselves and provide you with the brand marketing support you need to ensure you are always at the fingertips of your customers. Our team of brand specialists are experts in all areas of digital media and marketing, and are ready to be an extension to your team today.

Influencer Network


Are you a business looking for social media influences to help promote your brand, products or services? Or are you an influencer, looking to partner with a brand that aligns with their social media persona? Either way, we have done the hard work to build a network of social media influence looking for opportunities to promote and companies who value them.

Digital Media Packages

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Born from the constant questions of “who develops all of your digital media?” Since Lit leverages in-house resources to create our multiple channels of media, we can provide your brand the same opportunities to capture the essence of your products and services. Captured in controlled, private event settings, Lit puts your brand on display and can provide you with several different media package options.