If your needs are as simple as having experienced servers for an hourly, nightly or even long-term outsourced need, Lit has you covered. Our team of experienced budtenders approach each engagement with the knowledge and expertise to dispense cannabis at your event in a safe, secure and unforgettable way.

To ensure that every client is accommodated accordingly, we offer flexible options which include options for dab stations, edible stands, gravity devices, mobile servers, vape stations and much more. We can bring the bar to you or simply provide you with the knowledgeable Lit budtender to service an already exciting setup.

Regardless of size or occasion, we have options for events of all types. Contact us today for a free consultation and to reserve your own personal Budtending team for your next private event.


Alternatives to Drinking

“As someone who doesn't drink alcohol, having a professionally managed cannabis bar gave me and many others an alternative to drinking while enjoying the party”.

— J.A.

Remove the Stigma

“I was suprised at how many of my guests used the cannabis bar the Lit provided at my event. After talking with many of them, they told me it was the way that the cannabis was served that got them to try it”.

— L.K.

Easy to Book

“I spent more time trying to figure out how to make my event memorable before contacting Lit than the time it took for Lit to have my 2 Budtenders scheduled for my upcoming event”!

— J.Y.